Mrs Peterson?”
“Mrs W.A. Peterson of 11 Linford Crescent Huddersfield?”
“It’s about your husband, Mrs Peterson.”
“Oh yeah, what’s he been doing now?”
“Could we come inside?”
“OK. So, what is it?”
“It might be better if we sit down Mrs Peterson.”
“A cup of tea might be a good idea as well…”
“Is it serious then?”
“Perhaps a bit of cake?”
“I haven’t got any cake. You can have a biscuit if you like.”
“Well… OK. The thing is, Mrs Peterson, your husband has been destroyed.”
“Oh well, whatever.”
“You don’t seem very upset Mrs Peterson.”
“That’s because I’m wearing an Anna Kournikova Shock Absorber bra.”
“Perhaps I will have that brandy after all, Mrs Peterson.”


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